Living or Drinking?

Living or Drinking?

Chasing the White Rabbit Kindle Edition

Welcome, my dear readers. In this book we will talk about alcohol addiction, smoking addiction and gambling. The main focus of this book is not the recitation of cold facts (there are hundreds of books where you can learn more about the stages and symptoms of the disease), not addiction treatment techniques (there are even more books about different psychotherapeutic approaches), not moralizing and advising.

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About the Book

This book is no medical treatise, guide to action, or ultimate truth. This is simply my attempt to help YOU. Everything that is written here is my personal opinion. Take it as fiction. For that matter, take it as you wish as long as it helps!
I would also like to say that I HAVE PERSONALLY EXPERIENCED many, if not all the issues described in this book. I think that it was this experience that propelled me to work in this complex sphere.
The book includes basic and, nevertheless, THE MOST IMPORTANT aspects that can help you, your relatives, or friends to improve their lives.
I do not delude myself about the magical curing power of my book. Getting over dependences takes great effort. It is often boring and monotonous. I do not think that reading one book is all you should do to get sober. However, if you allow it, this book can give you a lot; it is a resource that you can either USE or NOT USE in the future.

The main thing is you CAN quit drinking, quit smoking, quit gambling!

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